Default: prerequisite skill-5.

Prerequisite: Boxing, Karate, or any Melee Weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

Whirlwind Attack is a special All-Out Attack that lets you attack every foe adjacent to you with lightning speed! If you make a Whirlwind Attack, it's all you can do that turn, no matter how fast or skilled you are. Since it's an All-Out Attack, it leaves you with no active defenses. Otherwise, the rules below replace the usual ones for that maneuver.

When you launch a Whirlwind Attack, you spin in place (you cannot step) and attack all foes within a yard. You must attack them in clockwise or counterclockwise order - your choice. All of your attacks must be kicks, punches, or strikes with a swung weapon, and you cannot combine Whirlwind Attack with another technique (such as Disarming, but see Grand Disarm, p. 84) or with cinematic skills such as Power Blow.

Determine a random hit location for each foe and then roll against Whirlwind Attack to hit, with the usual hit location penalties. Your opponents defend normally. Resolve each attack completely before moving to the next one. If using a weapon that can get stuck (see Picks, p. B405), your Whirlwind Attack ends on the first successful attack. If any of the attacks is a critical miss - or if any of your enemies critically succeeds on his defense - then that attack and all remaining attacks are critical misses. Roll on the Critical Miss Table (p. B556) once per attack!

You may end a Whirlwind Attack facing in any direction.

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