Default: prerequisite skill-3.

Prerequisite:Appropriate Melee Weapon or unarmed combat skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This technique lets you knock down an opponent in a single attack rather than by grappling him and executing a takedown or throw. It isn't aimed at his center of mass with the goal of pushing him away, like a Push Kick or shove. It's an attempt to "clothesline" his neck or head, knock his legs out from under him, or otherwise unbalance him.

Roll against Sweep to hit. Hit location is a special effect -don't apply a penalty for it. Your target may defend normally. If he fails, roll a Quick Contest: your Sweep or ST vs. his ST, DX, Acrobatics, or best grappling skill. Use the highest value in both cases. If he loses, he falls down.

Many combat skills can Sweep. You can try an armed version with any two-handed weapon with reach 2+. This defaults to Polearm, Spear, Staff, Two-Handed Axe/Mace, Two-Handed Flail, or Two-Handed Sword, and has the weapon's usual reach. You can also Sweep with Judo, Karate, or Sumo Wrestling. When you attack, specify a stiff arm to the upper body (reach C, requires a free hand), a sweeping kick (reach C, 1, uses a leg), or a pull in a clinch (reach C, only when grappling). Those with Strikers, especially tails, can learn Sweep (Brawling) and attack at their usual reach.

Regardless of the weapon used, Sweep is a slow, pushing attack that doesn't inflict damage.

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