This is the primary attack of the Judo skill. On the turn immediately after a successful Judo parry, you may attempt to throw your attacker if he's within a yard. You must have at least one hand free to do so. This counts as an attack. Roll vs. Judo to hit. (On an All-Out Attack, you can't try two throws but you can make one attempt at +4.) Your foe may use any active defense - he can parry your hand with a weapon! If his defense fails, you throw him.

A thrown foe falls where you please. On a battle map, he lands in any two hexes near you. One of these hexes must be his starting hex, your hex, or any hex adjacent to one of those hexes. Your victim must roll against HT. Failure means he's stunned. If you throw him into someone else, that person must roll vs. the higher of ST+3 or DX+3 to avoid being knocked down.

The intent of Judo Throw is normally to put your rival on the ground - not to injure him - but you can throw him in a way that maximizes the impact of the fall on a specific location, injuring it. This is frowned upon in sport matches! Treat a damaging throw like any other, but at -1 to hit plus any hit location penalty (not halved for grappling). Any location but the eye, vitals, or groin is valid; common targets are the skull, neck, and arm. Damage is thrust-1 crushing; there's no bonus for skill. The victim may attempt a Breakfall (pp. 68-69) roll to reduce injury. Other effects are as for a regular Judo Throw.

You may also throw a grappled foe. Instead of parrying first, you must grapple your opponent. On a later turn, try to throw him. This is an attack resolved as a Quick Contest: Judo vs. the highest of your adversary's ST, DX, or best grappling skill. If you attempt a damaging throw, the extra penalties do modify your roll. If you win, you throw your victim as above. Otherwise, you don't - but unless you critically failed, you retain your grapple and may try again on a future turn.

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