Defaults: Brawling-10 or Karate-10.

Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite skill-4.

This cinematic technique involves using the clawed fingers of one hand to grab an enemy's eye and pull it out. It's a strike, not a grapple. You can try it repeatedly but you can't "hold onto" your enemy's eye. Roll against Eye-Pluck to hit.

Damage is thrust-3 crushing, plus your Brawling or Karate bonus. Injury over HP/10 cripples the eye. Any excess is lost. The difference between this and Eye-Poke is that if you cripple the eye, your victim must make an immediate HT roll. Failure means you pluck out his eye -a permanent crippling injury! See p. B422.

If your foe's Size Modifier exceeds yours by +5 or more, his eye is too big for you to grab and your Eye-Pluck counts only as an Eye-Poke.

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