Defaults: prerequisite skill Block-1 or Parry-1.

Prerequisite: Any combat skill that gives a Block or Parry score; cannot exceed prerequisite Block or Parry.

You're normally at -1 to defend against a Dual-Weapon Attack (p. B417). This technique lets you buy off that penalty. To ward off both attacks, you must make two defense rolls simultaneously: a parry with either hand or a parry with one hand and a block with the other. Roll against Dual-Weapon Defense for the weapon or shield in each hand.

You can also learn Dual-Weapon Defense for use with a two-yard or longer Polearm, Spear, Staff, or Two-Handed Sword weapon. This lets you buy off the -1 to parry both halves of a Dual-Weapon Attack with a single parry; see Parrying with Two-Handed Weapons (p. 123).

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