Defaults: prerequisite skill-4, or -7 for a kick.

Prerequisite: Karate or any thrusting Melee Weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

A "flying" attack is a devastating blow that gets extra power from a full run and jump at the enemy. Realistic martial artists practice this stunt for show - never for combat. In the movies, though, all bets are off! Flying Jump Kick defaults to Karate-7 and ends in a kick. Flying Lunge defaults to Melee Weapon-4 for any thrusting weapon, and involves hurling yourself weapon-first at the foe.

Either flying attack is a special option for Move and Attack (p. B365). Use the rules below instead of the normal ones for that maneuver. If you use this technique, it's all you can do that turn, no matter how fast or skilled you are.

To launch a Flying Jump Kick or Flying Lunge, you must first make a running broad jump; see Jumping (p. B352). This requires a DX or Jumping roll. If successful, then at the end of your jump, roll against your level with this technique to hit.

Your victim parries at -2. If you hit, you inflict your usual damage at +2 - or at +1 per die, if better. Start with kicking damage for Flying Jump Kick, your weapon's thrusting damage for Flying Lunge.

Afterward, you cannot retreat. Moreover, you cannot dodge if you kicked or parry if you used a weapon. All of your remaining active defenses are at -2. These effects last until your next turn.

This technique is dangerous! If you fail the roll for your jump or your attack - or if your target successfully defends - you fall unless you can make a DX-8 or Acrobatics-4 roll. On a fall, you suffer damage for a collision with an immovable object (the ground) at an effective Move equal to the full distance of your run and jump.

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