Defaults: Brawling-1 or Karate-1.t

Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.f

This is a close-combat strike using the forehead. Natural targets are the face (-5) and skull (-7) of a standing adversary, but you can attack anything! However, while the skull is hard, it has poor reach and leverage for striking.

Roll against Head Butt to hit. Damage is thrust-1 crushing. Your victim may defend normally; if he parries, any damage this causes affects your face. Self-inflicted injury for a target with DR 3+ applies to the skull; however, your skull's DR 2 protects normally. If you have rigid head protection - e.g., a metal helm - add +1 to damage and apply your armor's DR against self-inflicted injury.

t Head Butt requires practice to be effective; fighters without Brawling or Karate strike at DX-2 and do only thrust-2 damage. This move is sometimes used while grappling and (illegally) in boxing matches, but it doesn't benefit from Boxing, Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling. Races with Strikers (p. B88) on their head don't need Head Butt - they attack at full skill and do superior damage.

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