Defaults: Judo-3 or Wrestling-3.

Prerequisite: Judo or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This attack involves controlling an enemy's head and neck using two arms. It targets similar body parts to Choke Hold (p. 69). However, the goal is to lock your victim's neck in a way that lets you injure it or his throat - not to cut off his blood or air supply.

To apply this lock, you must first grapple your opponent by the neck; see Grappling (p. B370). Your victim may attempt to break free on his turn. If he fails, then on your next turn, you have two ways to injure him: you may attempt to choke him as described under Choke or Strangle (p. B370), substituting Head Lock for ST if better, or you may try to throw him as explained in Throws from Locks (pp. 118-119). You can alternate between these attacks for as long as you maintain the lock.

Treat sports-wrestling locks that seek to avoid causing injury as simple head or neck grapples. The same goes for the so-called head lock seen on the street (an arm around the neck).

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