This kick involves lifting a leg and smashing it down onto the target heel-first. It's a special option for Committed Attack (pp. 99-100) and All-Out Attack (p. B365). Use the rules below instead of the normal rules for those maneuvers.

An Axe Kick has reduced vertical reach. If your foe's SM exceeds yours by +1, you can't target his head while he's standing. If he's larger, you can't hit his head unless he's crawling or on the ground. Resolve an attack to the foot as a Stamp Kick (pp. 80-81) rolled at your Axe Kick level.

As a Committed Attack, an Axe Kick does thrust+1 crushing damage - or thrust at +1 per two dice, if better - plus skill bonuses. Roll against Axe Kick to hit. Afterward, you can't dodge or retreat until your next turn, and are at -2 on all remaining active defenses.

As an All-Out Attack, an Axe Kick does thrust+2 - or thrust at +1 per die, if better - plus skill bonuses. Hit or miss, you have no defenses until your next turn!

An Axe Kick is difficult to back away from. If your opponent's retreat bonus makes the difference between a hit and a miss for an attack aimed above the foot, the kick still hits a lower body part. Head or neck shots strike the torso; torso, arm, or hand blows hit a leg; and kicks to the groin or leg stomp a foot.

This move also beats down the target's guard. A successful attack roll gives the defender -1 to parry any attack following the Axe Kick until his next turn - even if his defense against the kick succeeds. Axe Kick is a good opener for a Rapid Strike or Combination!

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