Default: ranged weapon skill-4.

Prerequisites: Riding or a vehicle-operation skill (Bicycling, Driving, Teamster, etc.), and a ranged weapon skill; cannot exceed ranged weapon skill.

You've practiced shooting a ranged weapon from a moving mount or vehicle - chariot, horse, howdah, etc. You must specialize by both weapon skill and mount or vehicle type. Use the specialties listed for the two skills chosen as prerequisites. Mounted Shooting (Bow/Horse) is extremely common and called "Horse Archery" for brevity (p. B231).

If you've improved this technique, modifiers for a rough ride and/or limited mobility (see Attacking from Moving Vehicle or Mount, p. B548) - including those for turning in the saddle to shoot - can't reduce your weapon skill below your Mounted Shooting level when using your chosen weapon from the specified platform. Other penalties apply normally. For instance, if you had Thrown Weapon (Spear)-13 and Mounted Shooting (Thrown Spear/Chariot)-11, the penalties for a bumpy chariot ride couldn't reduce Thrown Weapon (Spear) below 11, before other modifiers.

Remember that your skill with a mounted attack can't exceed Riding skill (p. B397). Combat Riding (p. 69) mitigates this for the rider himself, but his passengers are limited by his Riding skill.

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