Defaults: DX, Wrestling, or Judo; cannot exceed DX+4, Wrestling+4, or Judo+4.

Leg Grapple is an attempt to catch the leg of a kicking foe. It's a common response to high kicks. To use it, you must have one hand free and successfully parry a kick to your upper body - skull, eye, face, neck, torso, vitals, arm, or hand.

On your first turn following the parry, you may attempt to capture your opponent's leg if he's within a yard. This is an attack. Step into close combat and roll against Leg Grapple to hit. Your foe can only dodge; this represents retracting his kick before you can catch him. If you succeed, you've grabbed his leg.

Your foe may attempt to break free (p. B371) on his next turn, but you're at +4 in the Quick Contest. Most fighters follow this technique with Leg Lock (see below) or a takedown (p. B370). If you try a takedown, you're at +3 in the Quick Contest.

This technique is frowned upon in competition - and often outright illegal in the ring - but very common in street fights. If the campaign emphasizes high-kicking cinematic warriors, the GM may not want to let fighters improve Leg Grapple.

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