Hobby Skillf

see p. B200

The following skill is DX/Easy and often learned by martial artists in settings where they moonlight as fakirs and strongmen:

Feats of Strength: You collect tricks that show off your physical grit. Base the skill roll on the score that suits the feat (see p. B172): ST to tear a phone book in half or lift in a showy way (e.g., using teeth or a body piercing), DX to "punch out" a candle flame, Will to walk on hot coals or rest on a bed of nails, and so on. A -4 for lack of familiarity applies to tricks you haven't practiced. This skill doesn't improve your capabilities. You can only lift what your ST allows - and while a roll might mean you don't flinch when punched, you're still hurt. Also, while you know the secrets of hot coals and beds of nails, you suffer injury if you fail. In a cinematic game, Body Control, Power Blow, etc., replace this skill and do add new capabilities.

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