Holding a Foe at

If a stop thrust, parry, or obstruction attempt results in knockdown (p. B420), your foe falls, stunned. His turn ends. If it causes knockback (p. B378), he must use additional movement to close the gap. He might not be able to reach you; he could even fall down!

Even if neither knockback nor knockdown occurs, your weapon is in the way. If you inflicted injury with anything but a thrusting, impaling weapon - or if you rolled damage but didn't penetrate DR - your foe must win a Quick Contest of ST with you to get closer. Otherwise, you hold him off. To keep coming, he must use two movement points to sidestep and take a different path.

If you wounded your foe with a thrusting, impaling weapon, it's inside him. He can still spend two movement points to back off and change paths. Alternatively, he can try a Will-3 roll - at +3 for High Pain Threshold or -4 for Low Pain Threshold - to run himself through! Success increases his wound to the maximum possible injury from your original blow. Then find maximum damage for your weapon using his thrust score. If this exceeds the DR on his back, he can keep moving toward you and your weapon is considered stuck (see Picks, p. B405).

Example: Tiberius runs 4 yards toward Rufus, who stop thrusts with his spear. Rufus' damage is 1d+3, +2 for the charge, for 1d+5. He rolls 8 points of damage, which pierces Tiberius' DR 5 armor and inflicts 6 points of injury. Tiberius makes a Will-3 roll and pushes forward. Rufus' maximum damage was 11, which would inflict 12 points of injury. Tiberius loses 6 more HP. Tiberius has ST 13. A spear in his hands would do 1d+3. Maximum damage is 9. This exceeds DR 5, so the spear comes out his back as he moves in!

To execute the swing, make an Acrobatics roll at the speed penalty for the distance traveled (see p. B550). Apply a further -2 if swinging by the legs. Success lets you swing and hop off at any point along your path. Failure means you miscalculate and swing to a random point on the path - roll dice or the GM chooses. On a critical failure, you fall at a random location and suffer a collision with the ground; velocity equals the maximum distance you could have swung.

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