How Gurps Works Stun vs Real Injury

A common misconception is that barehanded combat inflicts "stun" injury that somehow differs from "real" injury caused by weapons. This is untrue in real life and in GURPS. A punch or a kick rarely bleeds much, giving the illusion of lesser harm - but if it sends a man to the ground, breaks his arm, or knocks him out, it inflicts genuine, tissue-destroying damage. Being crushing, a fist or a foot might lack the wounding modifier of a cutting, piercing, or impaling weapon, but it has the same potential to maim or kill as a crushing weapon. Realistic PCs trading kicks and arm locks should understand that while it takes longer to dish out 20 HP, the injuries are as deadly as 20 HP lost to stabs and bullets, and won't heal any faster. Cinematic PCs often have access to abilities that mitigate this.

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