Hurled Melee Weapons

The table below gives the skill used to hurl a weapon not built for throwing. Such an attack has an extra -4 to hit! Damage is the weapon's usual thrusting or swinging damage - consult the "Attack" column to learn which. Those who know Throwing Art may use that skill instead, at no penalty, and get its usual damage bonus. In all cases, Acc is 0; Range is x0.5/x1 for weapons up to 4 lbs., x0.2/x0.5 for heavier ones; RoF is 1; Shots is T(1); ST is unchanged; and Bulk is the Holdout penalty calculated in Hidden Weapons (p. 218).

Throwing Skill


Thrown Weapon

(Axe/Mace) Thrown Weapon

(Disc) Thrown Weapon

(Knife) Thrown Weapon

(Spear) Thrown Weapon (Stick)

* Blades wielded with Broadsword, Rapier, Saber, Shortsword, Smallsword, or Two-Handed Sword, hurled pointfirst. If the GM permits Thrown Weapon (Sword), use it at no penalty - not DX at -4. Kenjutsu (pp. 173-175) offers this skill.

f Sticks wielded with the sword skills listed above use Thrown Weapon (Stick) at -4 and inflict swinging damage.

Melee Weapon Types

Flail, Kusari, Two-Handed Flail Swords* Axe/Mace,

Two-Handed Axe/Mace Shield

Jitte/Sai, Knife, Main-Gauche Polearm, Spear, Staff




Thrust Swing





Mensurschläger (pp. 226-227) - Gennany. A narrow, blunt-tipped, basket-hilted sword for Schläger (p. 160).

Metsubushi - Japan. Ninja and police favor this all-in-one delivery system for powders (usually blinding agents). It consists of a mouthpiece with a removable cap. A tube at the other end contains one dose of powder. It takes only a second to ready, but it's too fussy to reload in combat. Treat as a Blowpipe (p. B275) that can only shoot powders at one yard - see Blowpipe (p. B180) for rules.

Mijin - Japan. Three short chains weighted with iron balls, linked to a central ring. Treat as a Bolas (p. 227, B275) for melee combat and throwing. The statistics don't change; metal is denser and pricier than leather and stones, but there's far less of it.

Miséricorde - France. Translates as "mercy," either in the sense of "beg for mercy" or the "mercy" shown by finishing a wounded foe. Describes any stabbing-only knife - typically a Dagger (pp. B272, B276), Rondel Dagger (p. 228), or Stiletto (p. 228) - and refers to its use to attack chinks in the armor of fallen knights.

It's hard to kill a horse with a flute!

- The Blind Man, The Silent Flute

Monk's Spade (p. 229; illustration, p. 219) - China. A polearm with a sharp, spade-like head on one end and a crescent-shaped blade on the other.

Monowire Whip (p. B272) - Science Fiction. A weighted monomolecular wire on a short handle. For many special rules, see Whips (p. B406).

Morningstar (p. B272) - Europe. A one-handed flail consisting of a handle linked to a spiked striking head by a chain. Some sources use the term for a Mace (p. B271) with a spiked striking head.

Muchan - India. A Baton (p. B273) that's traditionally wielded in a Defensive Grip (pp. 109-111).

Mutton - Philippines. A Baton (p. B273).

Myrmex (p. 226) - Ancient Greece. Leather hand wrapping with sharp edges that inflict shallow cuts when punching. Gives DR 1 to the hand -but also Bad Grip 1 (p. B123).

Nagamaki - Japan. Fundamentally a Naginata (pp. B272-274), but with a longer blade and a shorter staff.

Naginata (pp. B272-274) - Japan. A staff-length polearm with a sword-like head. The sport of Naginatado (p. 187) uses wooden pole with a pliant, leather-tipped bamboo head; damage is swing or thrust crushing. All-hardwood training naginata prevent accidental cuts but are as deadly as any staff: swing+2 or thrust+2 crushing.

Neko-De - Japan. A Bladed Hand (p. 226) commonly associated with ninja. Used for both climbing and fighting.

Net (p. B276) - Ancient Rome. A weighted net designed for combat. The Melee Net is a one-handed thrown or melee weapon, used by Roman gladiators in conjunction with the Trident (p. 229). The Large Net requires two hands and is only for throwing, but is also harder to escape from. See p. B411 for rules. A fighter with a net can trail it in front of him to trip foes. The hex containing the net is bad footing. Furthermore, the wielder can try to yank the net out from under the enemy. Roll a Quick Contest of ST. If the user wins, his opponent falls. otherwise, nothing happens . . . but if his ST roll is a critical failure, he falls instead!

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