Hybrid Campaigns

Some genres lend themselves naturally to "hybrid" campaigns that mix cinematic and realistic elements. A hybrid can also result from a player-GM compromise on tastes and expectations. There are a number of ways to handle such games.

The simplest is to view realism level as a sliding scale with Gritty Realism (p. 237) at one end and Over-the-Top (see above) at the other. In this picture, hybrid campaigns fall into the area in the middle, where Borderline Realism (pp. 237-238) shades into Larger-than-Life (see above). The advice given for those campaign styles is all that's needed to run this type of hybrid. This is especially suitable for simple compromises and for dramatizations of real-world events (which are basically realistic but take some cinematic license to engage the audience).

A more intricate approach is to treat "realistic" and "cinematic" as two distinct sets of building blocks for campaigns. Most campaigns use either one set or the other - but with care, a good GM can blend elements from both. Below are two examples; see The Secret Abilities Campaign (p. 240) for a third.

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