Present-day israel is an embattled state, surrounded by potential foes and in internal turmoil owing to deep ethnic and religious divides. This motivates many people to study a martial art for protection. A popular modern style native to Israel is Krav Maga (p. 183), developed by Imi Sde-Or (born imi Lichtenfeld) on the basis of his experience fighting Nazi toughs on the streets of Prague in the 1930s. Krav Maga stresses pragmatic self-defense tactics - especially alertness, fight-avoidance, and improvised weapons - and learning simple techniques thoroughly.

Self Defense For Women

Self Defense For Women

Stay Safe & Kick Butt Using Real-Life Self Defense Methods! No matter where you go or end up, you never know where there might be some element of danger lurking which is why it's crucial to know how to protect yourself in dangerous situations!

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