Combat Riding

On your next turn - and on each turn thereafter, until your prey breaks free - you may apply pressure to your victim's carotid arteries to subdue him or to his trachea to choke him. This counts as an attack. Roll the Quick Contest described in Choke or Strangle (p. B370). Your hold gives you +3 ST. A carotid ("blood") choke inflicts fatigue damage. A tracheal ("air") choke delivers crushing damage.

You can apply this hold using a weapon. Default and prerequisite skills become a weapon skill. The lever gives a further ST bonus to restrain or injure your victim: +1 if reach C, +2 if longer. You can choke with the flat or the edge of a sword; if using the edge, you may only choke for cutting damage. You must grasp a sword with one hand on the handle, one on the blade. Make a DX roll when you roll to inflict injury. Failure does thrust cutting damage to your off hand (DR protects normally).

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