see p. B203

Despite its name, the Karate skill isn't exclusively associated with Karate styles (pp. 169-172). It's the generic skill of "advanced" unarmed striking. It constitutes part of any art that teaches a complete system of strikes with hands, elbows, knees, and feet - whether that style comes from Okinawa, ancient Greece, or Alpha Centauri.

The damage bonus from Karate only applies when attacking with the Karate skill or one of its techniques. It never "stacks" with damage bonuses from Boxing or Brawling. At the GM's option, though, martial artists who gain Claws or Strikers as part of their training - or who belong to races with natural Claws or Strikers - may wield them with Karate to further enhance damage. To be able to apply Karate bonuses to biting damage, take the Biting Mastery perk (p. 49).

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