Kiss the Wall Carpet Car Door

If you've used two hands to grapple a foe and you're standing or kneeling, you can ram him into a wall or other massive object within a yard - or the ground, if he's lying down. This isn't a Judo Throw (p. 75), but an attempt to hold onto your victim and propel him using your own momentum.

This is an attack rolled against DX, Brawling, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling. You can target any hit location but the feet, at full penalties. If your victim is lying down, you can only target his face or skull. Your opponent may either dodge or parry with a free hand, subject to Defense While Grappling (pp. 121-122).

A successful attack inflicts thrust crushing damage, +1 for a hard surface, plus your skill bonus. Treat the ST bonus for Sumo Wrestling or Wrestling as a damage bonus. A critical miss means you slip, take this damage to your face, and lose your grapple!

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