Knife Rifle Butt and Entrenching Tool

This doesn't mean that melee weapons are worthless. When you're out of ammo, you don't walk around empty-handed, hoping to take away an enemy's weapon. You use what you have. To kill the other guy before he kills you, a long weapon is best. Typical Melee Weapon skills taught by military styles - in order from longest to shortest reach - are Spear (for the fixed bayonet); Axe/Mace (for entrenching tools, or a rifle butt used as a club) or Shortsword (for a machete or unfixed sword bayonet); and Knife (for fighting knives and unfixed knife bayonets).

Military styles prioritize these skills in order of reach. Training for military police is sometimes an exception, as it might focus on Shortsword or Tonfa for use with a baton. If weapon techniques are taught, they're similar to those for unarmed combat - Disarming and Retain Weapon - possibly with the addition of Close Combat.

Safety Soldier

Safety Soldier

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