Lasting and Permanent Injuries

Lost HP represent blood loss and general trauma, but some hit locations have more enduring effects. Wounds to limbs and extremities can cripple (see Effects of Crippling Injury, p. B421). New Hit Locations (p. 137) gives rules for severed ears and noses, and for crippling injury to the joints and spine. Since these effects are the primary reason to strike such body parts in combat, they belong in any campaign that allows fighters to target these hit locations in the first place.

At the GM's option, severe internal injuries can cause lasting or permanent infirmity, too. These effects take time to show up - but when they do, they can end an adventuring career. Thus, it's probably a good idea to reserve them for realistic historical and military games, horror campaigns, and so on, where a "war wound" or slow decline is in-genre.

On a major wound (injury over HP/2) to the neck, skull, veins/arteries, or vitals, roll 3d on the appropriate table to see whether there is any effect beyond lost HP. If there is, make a HT roll to determine whether the condition is temporary, lasting, or permanent, just as per Duration of Crippling Injuries (p. B422). Rapid Healing (p. B79) has its usual effects.

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