Light Walk

You can use Light Walk to move across almost any fragile or flimsy surface without falling through, including a glass skylight (no modifier), tent (-2), hanging laundry (-4), dense hedge (-6), or canopy of leaves at treetop height (-8). Roll once per turn. This is a free action. Success lets you take your turn normally. Failure means you start to fall. You can still act, but you should probably use your turn to grab something!

Light Walk also allows feats of balance. This is much easier than walking on thin ice or treetops, because it's actually possible in real life! All such attempts are at +8, plus the Size Modifier for the thickness of whatever you're trying to stand on (see p. B550). For instance, a 1" rail (-11 for thickness) would require a roll at -3. Once again, roll every turn.

You can even try to leap up and land on an enemy's weapon! This requires an Attack maneuver and is all you can do that turn. Roll against Light Walk to hit, at the standard penalty for weapon size. Treat failure as a missed kick. Success means you hit. Your foe can try any active defense - he may injure your foot if he parries (see p. B376) - but if he fails, you're standing on his weapon! He cannot use it to attack or parry. He can take a Ready maneuver to dump you off (roll vs. Light Walk to land; failure indicates a fall), but this unreadies his weapon. If he chooses to fight with another weapon, kick, etc., he's at -4 to hit.

In all cases, if you're knocked back (see Knockback, p. B378), apply the penalty for the surface you're balancing on to your roll to stay standing. You may use the highest of DX, Acrobatics, Judo, or Light Walk. Perfect Balance gives its usual +4. If you fail, you fall through or off the surface!

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