Little John to Robin Hood The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Cane - Universal. The walking stick is an accessory of gentlemen worldwide. Treat as a Light Club (p. B271). Many are topped with a crook (adds no cost or weight), which enables the Hook technique (p. 74).

Cavalry Saber (p. B271) - Europe, USA. A curved sword optimized for one-handed use from horseback. Resembles the fencer's SABER (p. B273) in profile, but is heavier and wielded more like Broadsword (p. B271).

Cestus (p. 226) - Ancient Rome. A studded or spiked leather hand covering; treat as a gauntlet (DR 4). Elbow-length versions were common: 2x cost and 4x weight. They provide DR 4 to the arm on 1-3 on 1d, and their +1 damage extends to Elbow Strike (p. 71).

Cha - China. A Trident (p. 229). See also Southern-Tiger Fork (p. 225).

Chain Whip (p. 228; illustration, p. 4) - China. A whip made of chain or short metal bars (usually seven or nine of them) joined by chain. Used to lash foes and to entangle like a Kusari (p. B272).

Chakram (p. 231; illustration, p. 42) - India. A metal ring, edged on the outside, that's spun around the finger on the inside rim and thrown.

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