Locks and Holds

A lock or a hold with special effects on the turn after the attacker grapples his victim is an offensive technique that defaults to a grappling skill. The basic default penalty is the penalty to grapple the target hit location (see p. B400). On top of this, all such techniques have three mandatory modifications: having to grapple or parry in order to attempt the hold or lock gives +1 for requiring an additional success roll and +1 for taking an extra action to set up, while the ability to inflict ongoing suffocation or injury via a Quick Contest, when a grapple normally causes no damage, is a special benefit worth -1. These modifiers total +1. Apply other modifiers as necessary.

Example: Arm Lock (p. 65) targets the arm, which has a hit location penalty of -1 for grappling purposes, making the basic default penalty -1. It gets another -1 for being able to inflict ongoing injury. These penalties total -2. However, the initial grapple takes an extra turn (+1) and requires an attack roll (+1), adding +2. The net default penalty is +0.

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