Maximum Level

A combat technique should always specify a level past which further improvement is only possible by raising the parent skill, technique, etc.

A technique that defaults to a skill, technique, or active defense at a penalty cannot be raised past the score to which it defaults. GURPS treats attacks and defenses as discrete actions . . . but in reality, each move "sets up" the next. Any technique tricky enough to give a penalty is only as good as the fighter's grasp of the basics he uses to set it up.

On the other hand, a technique that defaults to a skill (only) at no penalty represents a "sub-skill": a body of knowledge that one could theoretically isolate and study almost as if it were its own skill. Skill+4 is a reasonable maximum here - but the GM is free to use skill+3 to control easily abused techniques or skill+5 for self-limiting ones.

A technique that defaults to a technique or an active defense at no penalty can never exceed the parent score, however.

Techniques that default to attributes constitute a special case. Improving a technique like this represents training at a feat that anybody could try - which describes most skills! Since there's no upper limit on skills, the GM could fairly allow almost any maximum.

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