Medieval China

"Medieval China" describes a long period for a huge country. This can be daunting to those unfamiliar with Chinese history, but the necessary research is worth the effort - frequent warfare, secret societies, invasion, and rebellion make it a time of high adventure! Many kung fu styles claim origins in this era, too, so PCs can interact directly with style founders . . . or be them, in a high-powered game. Finally, the Shaolin Temple is at the height of its power during this age.

Any kung fu style would fit a game set in medieval China. Styles with a verifiable existence during the early years, such as Shaolin Kung Fu (p. 194), are appropriate throughout the period. Later styles, such as Pak Hok (p. 188) and T'ai Chi Chuan (pp. 200-201), claim earlier origins and wouldn't be out of place. As always, Wushu (pp. 206-207) works well in a cinematic campaign thanks to its appearance in modern films.

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