Move and Attack

You can use this maneuver with any melee attack - bite, grapple, kick, shield bash, etc. - not just a strike with an empty hand or a melee weapon. If your attack delivers thrusting damage, you may substitute slam damage (HP x velocity/100), if that would be better. For instance, a centaur with ST 18, HP 18, and Move 12 thrusts for 1d+2 but slams for 2d, so her Move and Attack with a spear (thr+3 imp) would inflict 2d+3 imp.

For extra realism, modify the defense limitations on Move and Attack as follows:

Active Defense: If you attacked using an arm, you cannot use that arm to parry (if the attack involved a fist, elbow, or weapon) or block (if you used a shield or cloak). If you used any other body part (foot, head, knee, mouth, shin, etc.) to attack, you cannot dodge. You can use any other defense, but you cannot retreat. These restrictions take effect after you make your attack roll. If someone uses a Wait to interrupt your maneuver before then, you may defend normally and then finish your maneuver.

The GM should consider extending the -2 for "trying to do two things at once" to all success rolls except defense and resistance rolls against enemy attacks. For instance, it would modify DX rolls to evade or to keep someone from evading you (see Evading, p. B368), Fast-Draw rolls, rolls to stay standing after suffering knockback (see Knockback, p. B378), and Sense rolls to notice something in combat.

Most melee attack options (e.g., hit location) are compatible with Move and Attack. Assess penalties for these before applying the effective skill limit of 9. Rapid Strike and Combinations aren't allowed, however. Neither is Deceptive Attack, unless you're making an attack that removes the skill cap (such as a slam or a cinematic technique like Flying Jump Kick), as it requires a final effective skill of at least 10. Certain uses of extra effort in combat are also forbidden, including Flurry of Blows, Mighty Blows, and Giant Step.

This maneuver is unfavorable in realistic melee combat due to its penalties and limits. In cinematic games, special techniques exist that make it more attractive.

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