Outside of pure ground-fighting styles, martial-arts masters laud the virtues of mobility. An extra point of Basic Move or one less level of encumbrance can mean the difference between life and death. This is why fighters in training often run as much for speed as for endurance, and why even warriors who face dangerous weapons might enter battle in light armor or no armor.

To give high-Move martial artists a realistic advantage, the GM should consider using Movement in Tactical Combat (p. B386) for the Move maneuver even when not playing out combat on a battle map. Tell the players how far apart the combatants are and strictly enforce movement point costs for facing, posture, footing, etc. This makes "closing the gap" with a foe wielding a ranged weapon - or fleeing from a losing battle - as dramatic as landing and avoiding blows.

Of course, Move is mainly for going from A to B. It's nearly always more effective to close the gap by selecting All-Out Defense (Increased Dodge) to travel at half Move and receive a Dodge bonus, or by taking Move and Attack to run at full speed and launch an attack. The GM should make the players aware of these tactical options and keep track of movement point costs for them as well.

Finally, in a cinematic Martial Arts game, heroes are as likely to move by jumping as by running. A Move maneuver lets a fighter jump from a standing start or run any distance up to his current Move and then jump. See Jumping (p. B352) for rules. To save time in play, calculate high- and broad-jump distances - for both standing and running jumps - and record the full values and halved values for combat on the character sheet. Some additional flashy movement options appear below.

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