Neck Snap

Default: ST-4; cannot exceed ST+3.


This brute-force attack consists of grabbing and suddenly twisting the victim's head, with the intent of snapping the neck. Unlike most techniques, Neck Snap defaults to ST, not a skill. Wrestling gives its usual skill-based ST bonus.

To use this technique, you must first grapple your opponent by the neck using two hands; see Grappling (p. B370). Your victim may attempt to break free on his turn. If he fails, then on your next turn, roll a Quick Contest: Neck Snap vs. the higher of his ST or HT. This counts as an attack.

If you win, you inflict swing crushing damage on your victim's neck, with the usual x1.5 wounding modifier for hit location. The target's rigid DR protects normally, but flexible armor - including natural DR with the Flexible or Tough Skin limitation - has no effect. Neck injury can have serious consequences; see Lasting and Permanent Injuries (pp. 138-139).

Otherwise, you inflict no damage. You may make repeated attempts on later turns. Your opponent may attack you or attempt to break free during this time, subject to the usual limitations of being grappled.

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