Neck Wounds Table

Roll 3d. Death from a cutting attack means partial or complete decapitation. Those attempting magical or technological resuscitation must first reattach the head!

3 - Respiratory or circulatory problems, giving -1 HT. Critical failure on the recovery roll means delayed death by aneurysm. Treat this as Terminally Ill (Up to two years); see p. B158. 4, 5 - Stroke resulting in brain damage. Roll on the Skull

Wounds Table for effects. 6, 7 - Severe neurological damage, resulting in Numb

14, 15 - Damage to the throat, resulting in Disturbing Voice (p. B132) - or Cannot Speak (p. B125), if injured to -HP or worse. 16, 17- As 4, 5.

18 - Severely reduced neck mobility, giving -1 DX.

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