New Options

These options obey the ground rules given on p. B357. You must declare that you're using extra effort - and spend FP - before you roll the dice. Critical failure causes 1 HP of injury in addition to any other results.

Giant Step: If you take an Attack or Defensive Attack maneuver, you can spend 1 FP for one extra step. You're buying mobility similar to All-Out Attack, Committed Attack, or Move and Attack without the drawbacks, and cannot combine this option with those maneuvers. You may take your extra step before or after you attack; you can step, attack, and step again. When using Chambara Attacks (pp. 128-129), this extra step work identically to steps gained from sacrificing attacks, and you can combine the two. Critical failure on the attack causes 1 HP of injury to the leg (not the weapon arm), as if dodging.

Great Lunge: If you make an Attack, Committed Attack, or Move and Attack in melee combat, you can spend 1 FP to get the effects of an All-Out Attack (Long) (pp. 97-98) without sacrificing your defenses. These include +1 reach, -2 damage or -1 damage per die with swinging attacks, and the option to drop into a crouch. This is incompatible with Defensive Grip, and with the All-Out Attack and Defensive Attack maneuvers.

Heroic Charge: If you make a Move and Attack, you can spend 1 FP to ignore both its skill penalty and its effective skill cap in melee combat. If you do a Flying Attack (p. 107) or Acrobatic Attack (p. 107), the extra -1 or -2 to hit still applies. Likewise, you're still subject to defensive penalties (no parry or retreat). Chambara fighters may spend 1 FP to ignore the -6 default penalty for attempting the "acrobatic" or "flying" version of a technique.

Rapid Recovery: If you attack with an unbalanced weapon (one with "U" in its Parry statistic) during an Attack maneuver or with any weapon using Move and Attack, and a foe later attacks you, you can spend 1 FP to parry with that weapon. You must spend the FP before you try your first parry - but unless this parry critically fails, the weapon can continue to parry afterward, at the usual penalties. In effect, you've returned the weapon to its guard position. This is one of the benefits of Defensive Attack; there's no point in taking this option with that maneuver.

You may use no more than one offensive option (Flurry of Blows, Giant Step, Great Lunge, Heroic Charge, or Mighty Blows) and one defensive option (Feverish Defense or Rapid Recovery) per turn.

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