[1] Can be thrown. See Muscle-Powered Ranged Weapon Table (pp. 231-232).

[3] Hook enables the Hook technique (p. 74), which also damages the victim.

[4] This attack receives Brawling or Karate damage bonuses.

[5] Gives the hand (only) DR. A myrmex gives DR 1, a cestus gives DR 4, and a sap glove gives DR 2; all are gloves of a sort and mutually exclusive with other gloves. For other weapons, this indicates a metal hilt that provides DR 4, cumulative with glove DR - although the hilt is too cramped to accommodate metal gauntlets. Deer antlers, hook swords, katars, qian kun ri yue dao, and wheels don't enclose the hand completely; DR applies only on a roll of 1-3 on 1d.

[6] Reduce penalty for targeting chinks in armor (p. B400) by -2.

[7] Can strike to disarm (p. B401) without -2 to hit for using a non-fencing weapon.

[8] Attempts to parry flails and kusaris are at -4; fencing weapons ("F" parry) can't parry at all! Attempts to block such weapons are at -2. Halve these penalties for the bola perdida, bolas, life-preserver, and weighted scarf.

[9] Counts as a rope garrote; see Garrotes (p. B405).

[10] Gets +2 to disarm when wielded with Jitte/Sai skill; see pp. B208, B401.

[11] Use Brawling or Karate parry if better than usual weapon parry.

[12] Can only lash the target for damage; none of the special whip rules apply.

[13] Specify maximum reach (1-4 yards) when bought. Damage is swing, +1 per yard of maximum reach. Cost and weight are per yard. ST is 8, +1 per yard.

[14] When swinging the kama on the end of the chain, the kusarigama can't disarm or entangle like a regular kusari (p. B406).

[15] Broad, edged head gives +1 to Tip Slash (p. 113) damage.

[17] Use these statistics when using both ends for a Dual-Weapon Attack.

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