One Handed Two Handers

As explained on p. B270, a strong enough fighter can wield a two-handed melee weapon - one with "f" or on its ST statistic - in one hand. When doing so, use the weapon's two-handed statistics but apply a -1 to damage. The skill required to wield it may change:

Two-Handed Use

One-Handed Use


Axe/Mace or Spear*





Two-Handed Axe/Mace


Two-Handed Flail Two-Handed Sword



* Use Axe/Mace to swing the polearm, Spear to thrust with it. f Most spears have a "f" next to ST on the second line of statistics - the one marked "two hands." Such weapons still use the Spear skill when wielded in one hand, and one-handed performance is given by the first line of statistics, not the rules above.

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