Optional Traits

Secondary Characteristics: Improved FP, as matches have no time limit and frequently go on for hours.

boxers. Improving endurance, strength, and staying power is at least as important as developing technique. The GM should let boxers who do train like this increase ST, DX, and HT, provided they have the points.

Boxers are legendary for their agility and ability to take punishment without serious harm - perhaps because they're so fit and train in conditions that match their competitive arena. The optional traits below reflect this. Higher-than-usual HP and Basic Speed, and even low levels of Striking Strength, might be realistic. The GMs should certainly permit cinematic boxers to possess such traits, as well as DR (Ablative, -80%) so they can take shots without feeling it.

Skills: Boxing; Boxing Sport; Games (Boxing).

Techniques: Counterattack (Boxing); Feint (Boxing); Targeted Attack (Boxing Punch/Face); Targeted Attack (Boxing Uppercut/Face); Uppercut.

Cinematic Skills: Power Blow. Cinematic Techniques: Roll with Blow. Perks: Clinch (Boxing); Neck Control (Boxing); Special Exercises (DR with Ablative); Special Exercises (Striking ST +1); Unusual Training (Roll with Blow, Only against the ropes).

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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