Optional Traits

Advantages: Combat Reflexes; Fearlessness; High Pain Threshold. A fierce Reputation is critical - it's usually what the warrior is fighting to establish!

Disadvantages: Bad Temper; Bloodlust; Overconfidence. Skills: Shortsword.

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Shurikenjutsu stresses readying the shuriken quickly, without letting the opponent see it. Stylists typically conceal it in the palm or behind a sleeve. They toss the weapon with a sharp overhand or underhand motion, spin it sideways, or throw it while sweeping their hand through a sword-drawing motion - attacking the enemy by surprise even as they ready their sword. Treat such moves as either dirty tricks that use Holdout vs. Perception (see Dirty Tricks, p. 76) or one of the options under Tricky Shooting (p. 121). The GM should consider letting practitioners learn a Style Perk that gives them access to Tricky Shooting if the campaign doesn't generally use those rules.

Stylists hurl shuriken rapidly, ideally throwing at least one per second to deny the foe a lull that he could exploit to advance or attack. To do this, ready a shuriken in each hand (possibly using Fast-Draw), throw the one in your master hand, use the Quick-Swap perk to move the other to your throwing hand, and Fast-Draw a replacement with the off hand. Use Rapid Strike with Thrown Weapons (p. 120-121) to throw two or more blades! Fast-Draw and Quick-Swap let you keep a steady rain of shuriken heading toward your victim.

Cinematic Shurikenjutsu works somewhat differently. Rather than hurling a constant stream of shuriken, practitioners throw multiple blades from both hands simultaneously! They toss shuriken with such precision that they can break firearms, shatter chains, and split thick slabs of wood.

Shurikenjutsu still exists, its practices of concealment and quick throwing unchanged from its combative predecessor. Students use sharp shuriken to practice on targets, blunt ones to practice on partners in padded armor. Thanks to the shuriken's popularity during the 1980s "ninja craze" in the U.S., many regard it as a weapon of criminals or wannabe ninja and treat those who carry shuriken accordingly.

Shurikenjutsu schools sometimes teach how to throw knives, too - including the kubizashi (head-displaying knife) and such larger blades as the tanto (large knife). The GM can also adapt this style for other thrown weapons, such as the chakram (p. 214), although the name and Thrown Weapon skill would certainly change.

Spear Fighting (Continued)

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