Optional Traits

Advantages: Enhanced Parry (Staff).

Cinematic Mantis uses chi to accelerate its already-rapid attacks. Its light and flexible stances allow practitioners to walk without leaving a trace, while its precision strikes can target vital points. Its claw-like hand movements and quick steps can even hypnotize the foe, leaving him open for a fight-ending blow.

Buddhist philosophy is a traditional part of Praying Mantis instruction. The skills below assume a modern campaign, but in a historical game - especially one where students must learn the style from monks - the GM should add Philosophy (Buddhism) and raise style cost to 5 points. Mantis schools sometimes teach weapons, including all manner of "Shaolin" weapons. Some stylists learn a core of Mantis tactics and then adapt other styles (nearly always Chinese) to the "Mantis" system; such martial artists should learn the art described here and buy Style Adaptation perks for these other styles.

Skills: Judo; Karate; Karate Art.

Techniques: Arm Lock; Counterattack (Karate); Ear Clap; Exotic Hand Strike; Eye-Poke; Hammer Fist; Kicking; Knee Strike; Targeted Attack (Judo Grapple/Arm).

Cinematic Skills: Hypnotic Hands; Light Walk; Power Blow; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets; Sensitivity.

Cinematic Techniques: Lethal Eye-Poke; Lethal Strike; Pressure-Point Strike; Roll with Blow.

Perks: Chi Resistance (Hypnotic Hands); Iron Hands; Special Setup (Karate Parry > Arm Lock); Style Adaptation (Varies).

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