Optional Traits

Advantages: Combat Reflexes; Fit or Very Fit; Forceful Chi; High Pain Threshold; Inner Balance; Language (Chinese).

Disadvantages: Disciplines of Faith; Sense of Duty (Shaolin Monastery); Vows.

Skills: Acrobatics; Broadsword; Broadsword Art; Judo Art; Jumping; Karate Art; Knife; Knife Art; Polearm; Polearm Art; Shortsword; Shortsword Art; Staff Art; Two-Handed Flail; Two-Handed Flail Art; Whip; Whip Art.

Self Defense For Women

Self Defense For Women

Stay Safe & Kick Butt Using Real-Life Self Defense Methods! No matter where you go or end up, you never know where there might be some element of danger lurking which is why it's crucial to know how to protect yourself in dangerous situations!

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