Optional Traits

Advantages: Enhanced Parry (Staff).

Disadvantages: Overconfidence.

Skills: Polearm; Spear; Staff Art; Wrestling.


Savate Rankings

Colored patches customarily identified as "glove colors" signify Savate rankings (the gloves themselves don't change color). New students receive the blue glove after completing the introductory training. Further training leads to the green, red, white, and yellow glove, the silver glove for technique (first through third degree), and ultimately professeur (instructor) status. The red glove is the minimum rank for competition in sport Savate and sometimes called "Savate's black belt."

Several additional ranks can't be reached through training alone. The bronze glove and the silver glove for competition (first through fifth degree) are awarded in competition, on the basis of skill and success at full-contact matches. The gold glove is a title awarded on the basis of exceptional merit - as much for service in the name of the art as for technique and competitive victories.

Unlike most martial arts, Savate has separate student and teaching ranks. Starting at green, students can learn to teach. The future professeur receives specialized training in how to structure and instruct a class.

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