Optional Traits

Skills: Games (Singlestick).

often have access to a body of amazing techniques with which to defeat lesser foes, including the legendary flying lunge and mastery of two-weapon fighting. Weapon Master (Rapier and Main-Gauche) is indispensable!

Italian masters often trained students in weapons of war as well. The broadsword, longsword, two-handed sword, and pike were standard military weapons of the age, and more useful than a rapier against armor or when fighting in formation.

Skills: Main-Gauche; Rapier; Shield (Buckler); Wrestling.

Techniques: Bind Weapon (Main-Gauche or Rapier); Counterattack (Rapier); Disarming (Main-Gauche or Rapier); Feint (Main-Gauche or Rapier); Targeted Attack (Main-Gauche Thrust/Vitals); Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Face); Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Neck); Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Vitals).

Cinematic Skills: Flying Leap.

Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (MainGauche or Rapier); Dual-Weapon Defense (Main-Gauche or Rapier); Flying Lunge (Rapier); Grand Disarm (Rapier); Hand Catch; Initial Carving (Rapier).

Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Rapier); Technique Adaptation (Counterattack).

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