Optional Traits

Advantages: Language (French). Disadvantages: Bloodlust.

Skills: Acrobatics; Broadsword; Guns; Karate Art; Knife; Savoir-Faire (Dojo); Shortsword; Smallsword; Whip. Techniques: Acrobatic Stand.

... regardless of ho w wonderful a technique is, if you are unable to apply it, you are in no better position than if you didn't know it at all Each technique must be practiced with all your heart many hundreds, many thousands of times, until you master it to the point where you can apply it.

Self Defense For Women

Self Defense For Women

Stay Safe & Kick Butt Using Real-Life Self Defense Methods! No matter where you go or end up, you never know where there might be some element of danger lurking which is why it's crucial to know how to protect yourself in dangerous situations!

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