Optional Traits

Advantages: Ambidexterity.

Disadvantages: Overconfidence.

Skills: Karate; Two-Handed Sword.

Since arrows weren't terribly effective against armor, samurai learned to aim for the face, which was only rarely protected by a mask. Samurai also practiced shooting at a full gallop. They used inuomono, or dog-shooting, to hone their skills. This involved chasing dogs across open fields and shooting at them -often with arrows equipped to whistle and warn the dog. This taught warriors to shoot at fast-moving, quick-dodging targets.

Legendary archers could hit targets at extreme range with great accuracy. They used their skills not only to kill but for "trick shots" - cutting standards from poles, knocking decorations off helmets, and so on - to intimidate the foe. Japanese bowmen employed several peculiar arrowheads specifically for the purpose (see Special Arrows, p. 232).

Kyujutsu represents the minimum training a samurai needs to fight from horseback using a bow. Most receive additional mounted-combat instruction; see Bajutsu (p. 151). Later samurai and ashigaru (conscript infantry) might train to fight on foot; see Foot Archery (p. 181).

Skills: Bow; Fast-Draw (Arrow); Riding (Horse).

Techniques: Combat Riding; Hands-Free Riding; Horse Archery; Targeted Attack (Bow Shot/Face).

Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength; Pressure Points (Bow); Zen Archery.

Cinematic Techniques: Pressure-Point Strike.

Perks: Strongbow; Technique Adaptation (Targeted Attack).

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