Parries with Legs or Feet

If you have two or more functional legs, you can try to ward off a blow to your lower body (feet, legs, or groin) by parrying with a foot or a leg instead of a hand or a weapon. Use your full Brawling or Karate Parry score. There's no special penalty - although Brawling parries have the usual -3 against swung weapons - but there are several drawbacks:

• As noted above, this parry is only effective against low-line attacks. It's worthless against attacks above the waist.

• You cannot retreat on the same turn you make a leg or foot parry. If you've already retreated, you cannot attempt such a parry. If you've already tried a parry like this, you cannot retreat - you must stay where you are.

• On a failed parry against a weapon, your attacker may choose to hit his original target or the leg you parried with. If your leg suffers more than half your HP in injury, it's automatically crippled (see Crippling Injury, p. B420) and you immediately fall down.

You may attempt only one foot or leg parry per turn, regardless of skill. However, this is in addition to hand parries. You could theoretically parry once per hand and once with a foot before suffering penalties for multiple parries.

While this parry looks like a kick, it doesn't damage your foe. For a version that does, see Jam (pp. 74-75).

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