The sport wrestling we know today traces its origins to the ancient Olympic Games. Modern Greco-Roman Wrestling is a safer, less-extreme version of those early matches. The sport still demands great skill, fortitude, and fitness of its competitors, however.

The rules of sport wrestling put the athletes' safety first, and replace techniques liable to cause actual injury with safer moves. For instance, they allow head locks - but only if the attacker loops one of the defender's arms into the lock, too. This reduces the odds of the lock inflicting neck injury . . . and renders it less effective in combat or a no-holds-barred match. Despite this, collegiate wrestlers have successfully made the leap to mixed martial arts and more combative forms of wrestling. In game terms, they simply improve Wrestling from their Wrestling Sport default and add the striking skills necessary to compete.

Greco-Roman wrestlers are highly mobile. If one technique fails, they quickly switch to another. They respond to their rival's movement and reactions, exploiting any opening to go for a pin, lock, or reversal (breaking free of a hold and applying one of their own). Wrestlers use Beats (pp. 100-101) to physically overpower their opponent's guard, and feints -such as weight shifts and fakes - to create offensive opportunities. The art prizes skill over strength, but strong wrestlers have a definite advantage. In a match, competitors receive points for successful techniques, even if they don't force a submission. Bouts are timed, and point totals determine the winner when the time runs out.

Greco-Roman Wrestling is an Olympic sport, practiced worldwide. In the U.S., almost every high school or college has a wrestling team. Thus, it's exceptionally easy to find training. Wrestlers train hard and coaches expect them to be

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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