Dragon-Man Kung Fu is the martial art of a secret order of heroes founded thousands of years ago to fight the Oni. These warriors bested the Oni in a terrible battle, but this merely forced the Oni to turn to stealth and disguise. The Oni use their magical powers to hide among men while they work their evil, their goal being to make the world more like their own by seeding disorder and chaos. To stop them, the acolytes of the Dragon Temple teach heroes their art . . . including the secret of breathing fire! Only flame can destroy an Oni permanently.

In unarmed combat, Dragon-Man Kung Fu disdains ground fighting and wrestling in favor of stylish kicks, hard punches, and stunning throws. Stylists prefer to fight armed, however. The most common weapon of the Green Dragon acolyte (novice) is the sword - usually the jian but occasionally the broadsword, katana, longsword, or paired butterfly swords. The staff and spear are popular, too.

Attacks are often acrobatic and make good use of feints and Deceptive Attack. Against stunned or surprised opponents, practitioners like to shout a loud kiai or the name of their technique and launch an All-Out or Committed Attack, typically as a Telegraphic Attack (p. 113). No matter what the situation, Dragon-Man fighters make extensive use of Acrobatic Movement (pp. 105-107).

Dragon-Men are noted for twirling their weapon full-circle in a bloody overhead flourish after defeating a foe. Not all acolytes do this - especially if there's immediate danger from another enemy - but it's a signature move of the order. This can be extremely intimidating, especially when accompanied by a loud kiai!

To join the Dragon Temple, a would-be initiate must first find its secret location in the mountains. Next comes a lengthy apprenticeship spent both exercising and studying the order's philosophy and history. Candidates must demonstrate the highest standards of heroism and goodness -although there are rumors of a fallen acolyte who cooperates with (some say leads) the Oni.

Dragon-Men advance in rank as they hone their skills and demonstrate their heroism. The Temple has 10 ranks: Third through First Order Green Dragon, Third through First Order Red Dragon, Third through First Order Golden Dragon, and finally Grandmaster of Dragons, reserved for the eldest and wisest of the templars. Acolytes receive ritual tattoos indicating their standing. These start out small and simple, but get progressively more complex at higher ranks.

Stylists can emulate their totem beast in one important respect - they can channel their chi to breathe fire. This is a melee attack using the Innate Attack (Breath) skill. See "Breath of Dragon" under Innate Attack (p. 45) for details. Damage and point cost depend on rank:

Green Dragon: Burning Attack 1d (Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Melee Attack, Reach 1-4, Cannot Parry, -20%) [4]. 4 points.

Red Dragon: As above, but with Burning Attack 2d. 8 points.

Golden Dragon: As above, but with Burning Attack 4d. 15 points.

The GM might also want to let high-ranking acolytes purchase other chi abilities that are uniquely tailored to them.

Dragon-Man Kung Fu is ideal for an anime-inspired fantasy campaign. It might suit a secret order in some modern "hidden magic" games, but it works best if the heroes have big eyes, small mouths, and gigantically oversized weapons. Trained by a Master and Code of Honor (Xia) are required to learn Dragon-Man Kung Fu. There is no realistic version!

Skills: Acrobatics; Breath Control; Innate Attack (Breath); Judo; Karate; Meditation; Philosophy (Dragon Temple); Rapier; and at least one of Smallsword, Spear, Staff, or Two-Handed Sword.

Techniques: Acrobatic Stand; Arm Lock; Axe Kick; Back Kick; Jump Kick; Kicking; Spinning Kick; Spinning Punch; Spinning Strike (Any).

Cinematic Skills: Breaking Blow; Flying Leap; Hypnotic Hands; Kiai; Lizard Climb; Mental Strength; Power Blow; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets.

Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (Any); Dual-Weapon Defense (Any); Flying Jump Kick; Flying Lunge (Any); Roll with Blow; Timed Defense.

Perks: Acrobatic Feints; Chi Resistance (Any); Form Mastery (Spear); Grip Mastery (Any); Shtick ("Dragon-Man Flourish": +4 to Intimidation on the turn after knocking down or killing a foe); Weapon Adaptation (Broadsword to Rapier); Weapon Adaptation (Shortsword to Smallsword).

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