Legend has it that Jojutsu's founder, Muso Gonnosuke, challenged Musashi Miyamoto, fought using Bojutsu, and lost. He decided that he needed more flexibility than the staff offered, shortened the bo to create the jo, and then used this weapon to fight Musashi to a standstill (or even defeat him). His school, Shindo-Muso Ryu, is the most common Jojutsu style. Jojutsu uses techniques similar to both Bojutsu (above) and Kenjutsu (pp. 173-175), and training involves the bokken as well as the jo.

Skills: Staff; Two-Handed Sword. Techniques: Arm Lock (Staff); Disarming (Staff or Two-Handed Sword); Feint (Staff or Two-Handed Sword); Sweep (Staff).

Cinematic Skills and Techniques: As Quarterstaff (p. 193).

Perks: Form Mastery (Jo).

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