Mas Oyama (p. 24), a student of Funakoshi Gichin (p. 23), founded Kyokushin in the late 1950s. He greatly emphasized physical toughness and hissatsu: one shot, one kill. His style reflects this, and teaches a traditional "block hard, then counter" approach. Students learn to parry an incoming attack firmly and retaliate with a single strike capable of incapacitating the opponent. Alongside power they learn control. In training, they attack just short of their partner to avoid injury.

Kyokushin stylists often use Committed Attack to follow up a successful parry. They target the head, neck, groin, and other vital areas to end the fight in a single blow. Punches to the skull typically use Hammer Fist. Fighters rarely retreat to avoid attacks. Rather than give ground, they punish their opponent with an Aggressive Parry and then follow it with a finishing technique - often an All-Out or Committed Attack (Strong).

Kyokushin tournaments don't allow punches to the head (kicks are allowed), so athletes who practice this style sometimes leave their face poorly protected or don't bother to strike the head. Another weakness is minimal grappling training. The usual response to a grapple is to seize the assailant - using plain DX or the Clinch perk - and batter him into letting go.

Training in Kyokushin emphasizes tameshiwari (breaking), full-force attacks, and "toughening" exercises that involve breaking objects over the student. Even in a realistic game, students can purchase Style Perks that increase their ability to dish out and take damage. In a cinematic campaign, advanced fighters have access to the fantastic abilities attributed to Mas Oyama. They'll stand their ground in the face of any adversary (human or otherwise!) and smash down foes using a single strike - or merely shock them into submission with a well-timed kiai! Those interested in playing a PC like this need look no further than Mas Oyama's own life for roleplaying tips.

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