History credits Shaka, the early 19th-century Zulu king, with turning the Zulus into a warrior nation. He forged war bands into disciplined regiments, or impi, and trained his troops to fight with the short-handled, long-bladed iklwa instead of the assegai (javelin). They also used the knobbed club. When not at war, Zulu warriors led a pastoral existence, and thus tended to be both fit and fleet of foot.

Iklwa Fighting is extremely direct. It uses the shield not only to deflect attacks but also to hook the enemy's shield and drag him off-balance. After pulling his foe off-guard, the warrior stabs his opponent in the vitals and disembowels him (to release his spirit in death). Committed Attack (Strong) is common.

Skills: Axe/Mace; Running; Shield; Spear.

Techniques: As Sojutsu (pp. 197-198), but replace Disarming (Spear) and Sweep (Spear) with Armed Grapple (Shield) and Feint (Shield).

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