Italian fencing originated in the 16th and 17th centuries, and revolved around the teachings of such masters as Camillo Agrippa, Ridolfo Capo Ferro, and Girard Thibault. The main weapon was the rapier, with a knife, a cloak, or occasionally a second rapier (the two constituting "a case of rapiers") held in the off hand. The Italian School emphasized counterattacks in "one time," meaning a combination defense/riposte instead of a parry-and-counterattack rhythm. This strategy sacrificed some defensive surety for a chance to strike back.

Fighters of this school make extensive use of the Riposte (pp. 124-125), and follow up this gambit with an Attack or even a Committed Attack, but only rarely with a Defensive Attack. Italian stylists seek to counter the foe quickly, forgoing some defense for a good offense. Defensively, Italian School fencers are more likely to dodge, or to parry with a secondary weapon, than to parry with their main blade while pressing the attack. This aggressive counterattacking can get a fencer in trouble; the Overconfidence disadvantage definitely fits!

Grappling was very much a part of the style. Some schools taught throws in addition to grapples and locks, and even instructed students in catching an incoming blade with the off hand. Such schools would substitute Judo for Wrestling.

Cinematic fencers frequently augment this style with Acrobatics and Jumping to gain additional mobility. They


Stickfighting is one of the most ancient forms of combat - only slightly more recent than unarmed grappling and striking. A primitive ancestor of man armed with a thighbone and an Escrima guro doing sinawali with rattan sticks are both stickfighters; Escrima is but one of hundreds of stickfighting styles known to the world throughout history. Adventurers will encounter stickfighting across Africa, Asia, Europe (Ireland, Portugal, Russia ...), and the Americas, from prehistoric times to the present day.

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