Shimabuku Tatsuo, an expert in Shorin Ryu and Goju Ryu, founded Isshinryu (meaning "one heart, one mind") in 1954. A student of Chojun Miyagi, Shimabuku broke from his parent styles and formed his own after his teacher's death. Many of the differences had to do with his personal philosophy, which he expected his students to learn and follow.

Isshinryu diverges from most other Karate styles in action as well. The most visible distinction is that while karateka generally corkscrew their fist into the horizontal when punching, Isshinryu fighters keep their knuckles vertical. They throw shorter strikes, too, "snapping" out punches and then retracting them quickly. Other differences include less stress on high-line kicks in favor of kicks that aren't as vulnerable to a Leg Grapple, and a preference for multiple, quick strikes over a single, disabling blow.

Isshinryu karateka fight in close, and favor punches and short-range kicks over showier, longer-ranged attacks. They often use Combinations, Rapid Strikes, and Dual-Weapon Attacks. When kicking, they prefer targets below the waist. All of these strikes are more likely to be Defensive Attacks or Attacks than Committed Attacks or All-Out Attacks. Stylists usually use punches to fight their way out of a standing grapple.

There are Isshinryu schools the world over. Finding an Isshinryu dojo in the U.S. isn't difficult.

Skills: Karate; Karate Art; Savoir-Faire (Dojo).

Techniques: Aggressive Parry; Back Kick; Elbow Strike; Exotic Hand Strike; Feint (Karate); Hammer Fist; Kicking; Knee Strike; Spinning Kick.

Cinematic Skills: Kiai; Mental Strength; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets.

Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (Karate); Pressure-Point Strike.

Perks: Clinch (Karate); Rapid Retraction (Punches); Unusual Training (Breaking Blow, Only vs. well-braced objects out of combat).

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